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Aluminum Base Printed Circuit Board - Metal Base PCB

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Aluminum Base Printed Circuit Board - Metal Base PCB

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO 9001, UL, REACH, MSDS & SGS
Model Number: PCB-D-03
Base Material: Al Base CCL
Copper Thickness: 1 oz
Board Thickness: 0.6mm~3.0mm
Min. Hole Size: 0.2mm(8mil)
Min. Line Width: 0.1mm(4mil)
Min. Line Spacing: 0.1mm(4mil)
Surface Finishing: HASL
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Price: Pls contact to get the newest price
Delivery Time: 3 or 10 days for ready goods
Payment Terms: D/P D/A L/C T/T

Application:  Indoor and outdoor LED lighting, LED lamp,LED lighting,Dancing lights,LED Backlight, LED module,TV backlight,Audio,Electric cars substrate.


                   High Power Electronic PCB with Base CCL

Item Description Requirement Actual
Appearance Visual inspection MIL-STD-105E "Ⅱ" Good
Warp and twist  ≤0.75% 0.4%
Hole Hole size 1.5 1.475
Laminate Material type Al Base Copper-Clad Laminate Al Base Copper-Clad Laminate
Finished thickness 1.2mm+/-0.1mm 1.19-1.2mm
Circuitry Trace width 0.78mm 0.75mm
Space 0.25mm 0.28mm
Solder mask Material type 36T 36T
Color white white
s/m thickness 0.01-0.02mm 0.017mm
Component mark Material type 120T 120T
Color Black Black
Single/Double side Single-side Single-side
Outline Dimension 260*260 260.1*260.6
Reliability tests Solderability test 240℃   240℃  
Heat treatment / Tape test 263℃ 263℃

Aluminum Base Printed Circuit Board - Metal Base PCB


Metal Base PCB Capability

Layer counts 1-10
Base material type Aluminum base((Berquist,thermagon , etc.)
Copper base 
Fe Base
Max dimension 1500mm * 480mm
Board thickness 0.4mm-6.0mm
Min line width 0.10mm
Min line space 0.10mm
Min finished hole size 0.15mm
Finished copper thickness 1OZ-6OZ
Copper of hole wall >0.025mm
Tolerance of PTH holes ±0.05mm
Tolerance of NPTH holes ±0.05mm
Tolerance of hole location ±0.076mm
Tolerance of outline ±0.15mm
V-CUT 30°/45°/60°
Min BGA soldering pad 14mil
Tolerance of impedance ≤50Ω ±5Ω
>50Ω ±10%
Min solder mask dam 5mil
Min solder mask thickness 10mil
Insulation resistance 1012Ω Normal
Peel strength 1.4N/mm
Solder mask hardness >5H
Heat balance hammer test 260℃20(s)second
Voltage of conductivity test 50-250V
Dielectric constant ε=2.1~10.0
Volume electrical resistance 1014Ω-m,ASTM D257,IEC60093
Surface finish HASL / Immersion Gold / Immresion Sn / Immersion Ag / OSP


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